RARECAT French Sparkling

Crémant de Bordeaux
Gold Metal Winner

This may be the most elegant, lovely sparkling wine for the price.  RARECAT is the producer, importer and sells our French Sparkling directly to you so you save. The wine is has lovely aromatic, crisp, clean finish and is bone dry.
RARECAT French Sparkling is a brut Crémant de Bordeaux traditionally made from 100% sémillon grapes. Our RARECAT French Sparkling is made in the méthode traditionelle.  Notes of green apple, citrus, ginger and floral notes. bright, clean mouth-feel, and a lively finish.  This beautiful sparkling benefits from 4 generations of sparkling wine experience coupled with an understanding of American palate.  



We wanted to make an every day sparkling that a champagne lover would love.  The sparkling had to be aromatic, crisp, clean, and delightful. We finally found the perfect sparkling with our 100% Sémillon made with the same process of how of our champagnes.
Serving Recommendation
  • Cheeses—triple butter crème, Gruyére, and truffle cheese.
  • Appetizers and snacks—prosciutto, stuffed mushrooms, potato chips, buttered popcorn, and almonds.
  • Mains—creamy sauces, seafood, and spicy Asian entrees. 
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