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Don't Give Up the Wine List
March is a women’s history month, and as a tribute to all the wonderful females in your life, it is time to do something unique. Book a Don’t Give Up the Wine List and take your palette on an unbelievable wine tasting travel in Napa. This is a virtual class – we are keeping firm with the Covid rules, but it is exciting, engaging, educative, and interactive. It is also a relaxing way for your female clients to let their guards down and enjoy womanhood. This interactive class will not be complete with a befitting host. Meet Sharon Kazan, recognized by Worth Magazine’s 29 Most Grounding Breaking Women in 2019. She uses wine to empower women and push the boundaries of diversity. She is a tech entrepreneur and the owner of RARECAT Wines. Sharon has worked with thousands of women. Many of whom are executives in the largest corporation in America. This virtual wine event is a fun, interactive, informative event and will delight your female clients and teams.

Price: $1000 flat fee + wine, shipping & tax
Virtual  |  In Napa  | Private Location
Champagne Celebration
The world of champagne and a story that dreams do come true. Champagne and Celebration are the most obvious ways to pass through a wine tasting class. Guests taste their way through champagne history, including terroir and vinification of champagnes and sparkling wines. Laced in the adventure is the story about determination, dreams, and success of RARECAT’s Rosé Champagne. Your host for the course is Sharon Kazan Harris or Jennifer Curry. Guests will receive a bottle of RARECAT Champagne to celebrate in their private time.

Price: $89 per person include wine + shipping & tax
Virtual  |  In Napa  | Private Location
A Tasting Journey of the Senses
Pack your bags to the world of wines. This is a learning exploration of the high-quality wine-producing regions, HQWPR. Your sommelier on this trip is RARECAT’s finest, Ryan Avila. Together with him, you will discover exquisite world-class wine tasting destinations of Champagne, Napa Valley, the Russian River, and Bordeaux. This enlightening experience tantalizes & stimulates your sense organs as your break every rule in the book in a one-of-a-kind food and wine pairing class. While it is the perfect activity for corporate organizations to arrange for their employees, clients, or others, it is poised to give you a better understanding of how the brain tastes wine. It is more than an activity; it invokes a happy hour vibe perfect for team building as you sip the finest wines from each region. Clients or team member will appreciate sipping on ultra-premium wines that a novice or wine aficionado can appreciate.

Price: $1000 flat fee + wine, shipping & tax
Virtual  |  In Napa  | Private Location
Wine & Trivia
Need a delicious way to keep your clients or work team engaged and energized; RARECAT’s learn and taste class is the place to be. This fantastic trivia activity awakens the brain and sense organs in an exhilarating encounter that is best experienced. Hmm, that is not all. You get to pick the trivia and wine themes and choose from our top sommeliers, including Jennifer Curry, Ryan Avila, and the lovely Spanish-speaking Leo Medina.

Price: $500 flat fee + wine, shipping & tax
Virtual  |  In Napa  | Private Location
To 3 Exquisite Wine Destinations
RARECAT uses grapes from single vineyards to make wines in Napa, Champagne, and Bordeaux. This tasting tour takes you into the unique qualities and challenges of each region. In the end, guests will go home with three of RARECAT’s signature wines, including the Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Emilion, and champagne. For the wine connoisseur, this is the ultimate tasting trip to the best wine destinations in the world.

Price: $265 per person includes wines + shipping & tax
Virtual  |  In Napa  | Private Location
Wine To Meeting
Add wine to your existing online meeting

Surprise and spice up your next online meeting with RARECAT. We are sure your clients will love the unexpected pop-up fun activity by our sommeliers to boost their wine knowledge. This interactive session is based on a theme of choice in the different wine regions available. Whether it is a regular meeting, team celebration, signing & closing a big deal or project, a social wine meet-up is always one to look forward to.  Allow 10 - 20 at the beginning, middle, or end of your meeting. 

Price: $250 flat fee + wine, shipping & tax
Virtual Only
RARECAT's new tasting room is officially open in Napa.  Book a tasting with RARECAT and experience the stunning new Mia Carta space on First Street, Napa.  We can't wait to welcome you in person.

For Wine Collectors, sit down with our top wine educators - somms - or - winemaker to taste wines produced from 4 varietals, from 4 world-class regions, made by one winery,  side by side and delve deep into the unique attributes of each wine and region.  RARECAT Wines is the only winery producing single-vineyard wines in Napa, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Russian River. This is a truly unique opportunity to taste the difference.

For Wine Lovers, come learn about tasting wines, how wines are made and what makes a wine world-class.  You will taste through wines produced from noble varietals and world-class growing regions.
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