Your family's reputation was stamped into the wax seal.


I have always loved wax seals and collect antique 18th century English fobs.  A seal represented a family’s word, their honor, their heritage.  We wanted every bottle of RARECAT to have our family’s promise of quality, which is why we went looking for a seal to represent the RARECAT brand.  I first saw an image of the coin and its noble lion in a book of antique symbols.  I knew instantly this elegant, regal and powerful animal reflected everything I wanted our RARECAT wines to stand for.

The images come from a Carthaginian coin dating back to 320 - 300 BC. One side of the coin shows a picture of Tanit, goddess of Carthage wearing an oriental tiara while the other side reveals a majestic lion in front of a palm tree.  Tanit is possibly one of the first rare cats, a women of such beauty, intelligence and charm she launched a new nation.  Although there are no lions in the Napa Valley, our Old Toll property and surrounding open spaces are home to the majestic mountain lion.  As for the palm, coincidentally, one of our homes was named after eight palm trees.  We hope that this RARECAT seal becomes a symbol of the rare beauty embodied in each of our bottles of wine.