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RARECAT launched in 2009 with our RARECAT Sauvignon Blanc to honor a fallen friend.  The proceeds of the wine were donated to a cause he helped to support. Today, we have extended our values in giving back by including charitable support for our Members' causes. 

We believe wine is one of the strongest tools for raising money. The power of wine is connecting people a to important causes.  We have developed a special RARECAT Challenge program to help charities raise money.  We have found this program works best for charities that have a strong, affiliated patrons who are also wine collectors.  It is a tool that taps into a different pool of dollars often used in addition to existing fundraising programs. 

We take all charitable requests seriously.  As a small winery, we have prioritized our charitable giving to support our active Members' interests and especially those programs that directly improve the lives of women and children.  So we can fully understand your needs, please take the time and fill out our survey.

Thank you in advance for all the work you do helping others.


Sharon Kazan Harris
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