First acces to our limited production wines. Case allocations ship annually and automatically renew. You receive your first allocation at the time of signup and subsequent allocations in the month shown.  Allocations have first access to limited production wines.  All purchases are subject to sales tax and a flat $35 shipping fee.

St Emilion Allocation

RARECAT St Emilion Allocation
  • Sign up for 12 bottle allocation.
  • Ships in Spring.
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Champagne Allocation

RARECAT Champagne Allocation
  • Sign up for 12 bottle allocation.
  • Ships Fall.
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Simply Pink Allocation

RARECAT Rosé Allocation
  • Sign up for 2 cases of RARECAT Rosé.
  • Ships Spring and Fall based on location.
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RARECAT Cabernet Allocation

RARECAT Cabernet Allocation
  • 12 bottles of RARECAT Napa Valley Cabernet.
  • Special edition, micro productions wines.
  • Ships in Fall.

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RARECAT Pinot Noir Allocation

RARECAT Russian River Pinot Noir
  • Sign up for 12 bottle allocation
  • Ships in Spring
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