Sharon Kazan Harris
March 28, 2018 | Sharon Kazan Harris

Time to hit the road


Packing for a 2 1/2 Month RARECAT Road Tour

I have traveled extensively around the world since I was 20 years old.  It was on my first trip to France that I fell in love with wine at 20 years old.  I love to travel and I like traveling light.  However, packing for a 2 1/2 month, 23 city RARECAT Road Tour with 45+ events, was a whole new level of coordination.   

I find it easy to speak in front of 100 people - sharing stores and information about wine. I am confident in the cellar and kitchen, and I can hit a tennis ball with top spin but small details and being organized does not come naturally.  Panic is a great teacher.  I had lists within lists, many added to during numerous sleepless nights, and started ordering supplies weeks ago  (Yes, I had Tide Spot sticks in case I spill wine on someone).

So.... here is my list. If you are planning a cross country trip as a vintner doing 45+ events... here is what you need to take.

2018 RARECAT Tour Packing List

  • Coravin and capsules
  • pourers
  • wine keys
  • decanter
  • Champagne stoppers
  • pens
  • order forms
  • RARECAT wooden box 
  • RARECAT magazines
  • RARECAT t-shirts
  • stickers
  • plastic bags
  • hanging tags
  • gift bags
  • mailing list sign up form
  • tour statistics with clip board
  • emergency medical kit
  • flash light
  • pepper spray
  • phone holder 
  • blanket to cover contents
  • car organizer
  • thermos for coffee from REI
  • cooler larger enough to hold wine bottles
  • ziplock bags (protect wine labels)
  • garbage bags and hand wipes
  • bathing suit
  • Susan Bell moisturizer and sunscreen
  • personal and business check books with enevelops
  • business cards
  • travel hair blower
  • RARECAT wine glasses and dump bucket
  • clothes & shoes


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