Case the Joint
Purchasing wine by the case is a pro move: You know you’ve always got a wine you love on hand. Let me make the case for Italian Barbera as your “house wine.” It’s loaded with fruit, brightened with ample acid, and nearly devoid of tannin, meaning it’s tasty, food-friendly, and (usually) inexpensive.


Run the Numbers on How Much Wine You’ll Need
You should figure on three drinks per person, give or take, over the course of an evening. Keep in mind that there are four good-size glasses of wine in a 750-milliliter bottle. Do the math from there. And remember the golden rule of partying: Never run out of wine. Buy more than you need.

How did we calculate that? The number of bottles is based on the average person drinking 3 glasses of wine at dinner and 1 glass of sparkling wine during cocktail hour. If you didn't know there are 4 glasses (standard pour) in a wine bottle. If you do the math yourself you'll see we're a bit high because we tossed in an extra bottle so you don't run out, because no proper host should ever run out of booze :)